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For hospital directors and quality managers

The T-certificate is awarded to those hospital clinics, specialty departments and medical practices that are proactively committed to quality in indications and interventions as well as the active collection and evaluation of quality assurance data.

The T-certificate shows which outcome measurements are used or what the benefits of these outcome measurements are. It also focuses on the quality of the indication, i.e. also on legally unassailable patient information. Both are of particular benefit to hospital directors and quality managers.

What is the T-certificate for?

  • The T-certificate is a visible proof of your quality work and gives you a market advantage with the patients
  • The T-Certificate strengthens your internal focus on quality and provides valuable information for improvements
  • The T-Certificate strengthens your position with regard to financiers and other stakeholders
  • The T-Certificate shows which Outcome Quality Surveys provide which benefits

Institutions certified by the T-Certificate can clearly communicate both externally and internally that they act transparently and proactively in the area of indication and outcome measurement and that they constantly improve through this self-reflection process.

As a hospital director and quality manager, you will probably often ask yourself which of the many outcome quality measurements in your hospital provide what benefit. The T-Certificate identifies this and helps you and the surveyor to get more benefit from their work.

Please refer to the SGS flyer for further information:

Interested in the T-Certificate or have questions?

The SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) public limited company is in charge of the organisation of the audit and is at your disposal for further information.

How to Apply

Please download the application form for the T-Certificate and send / fax it filled in and signed to

SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA
Z.Hd. Frau Elvira Bieri
Technoparkstrasse 1 – CH 8005 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 445 16 80
Fax +41 44 445 16 88




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